AHMG is a Founding Member of Elevate Senior Living

At Elevate, we are reimagining senior living, developing communities that provide quality care and engaging lifestyles at below market rates - a perfect option for the next wave of 14 million middle income seniors who cannot afford what is currently available.

AHMG is a Founding Members of Crossroads, LLC

Crossroads, LLC

Crossroads, LLC was formed to create a new Neighborhood Health Community solution for Rural America.  Crossroads, LLC will provide development, start- up and operational oversight for each of the Neighborhood Health Communities that it partners with.

Neighborhood Health Community Process

Crossroads, LLC working with the local community will form a local non-profit organization, that will be presented as a solution for providing an innovative continuum of care for rural communities throughout the United States. The proposed Neighborhood Health Community will utilize the Crossroads concept to assist emerging rural communities in creating and maintaining advanced, compassionate, and financially viable healthcare, senior living, mental health and wellness services.   The Neighborhood Health Community is a complete rural community re-vitalization solution.

The Crossroads Neighborhood Health Community Concept

Each Crossroads Neighborhood Health Community will focus on providing basic through advanced medical care to their communities bolstered by a full healthcare continuum that may consist of up to twenty-six enhanced and improved medical and community services.  This concept is not a rural hospital replacement solution.

“This model creates multiple recurring revenue streams and does not rely solely on surgical revenue and hospital admissions”

Crossroad’s concept modifies the traditional hospital model to sustain a rural community while capitalizing on the demands of specialized short- and long-term care in the areas of senior living, Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care, heart disease, prostate and breast cancers, diabetes, nutrition, health and wellness, mental or behavioral health and other diagnoses that challenge our nation’s rapidly increasing senior and veterans’ markets.

“Crossroads creates a comprehensive solution for healing in a “Neighborhood Health Community” environment.”

The Crossroads Neighborhood Health Community will capture and create additional market share from well beyond traditional service and market areas.  Its unique positioning will establish a true pattern of reverse migration by providing a unique destination for care, like no other, for seniors to age in place during the sunset of their lives and receive top quality healthcare at the same time and at the same location.

This effort is not merely driven or focused on creating a healthcare solution, it is a re-vitalization effort.  Crossroads and its concept is focused on the overall community and the impacts that the neighborhood health community will have on the overall rural economy.

Crossroads, of course will bring healthcare, day care, senior living, mental and behavioral health and much more.  It will bring jobs, the opportunity to attract new employers, manufacturing plants, distribution centers and other favorable partnerships to the community and surrounding areas.

The solution is not designed to replicate or replace existing community services, but to enhance, partner and support those community services.

staff is trained in Alzheimer’s and Dementia