Family Enterprise

American Healthcare Management Group 

Family Enterprise Division

A management and consulting organization focused on building strong Family Enterprises and profitable business models. Providing proven solutions to complex problems within and around your business. AHMG is an industry leader in supporting the development of the Family Enterprise. AHMG provides a wide variety of support services to all types of family owned and managed entities. 

AHMG has focused its efforts into three categories

Family Enterprise Operations and Management Services

Family Enterprise Governance and Transition


Family Enterprise Training and Family Retreats

*Overall Management

*Strategic Business Development

*Interim Services *Financial & Operational Turnaround

*Targeted Consulting Services

*Cash Acceleration

*Governance Development

*Targeted Consulting Services

*Wealth Program

*Joint Ventures

*Family Retreats

*Corporate Retreats

*Leadership and Staff Training

*Ownership Training

*Succession and Continuity Training

Our experience in management and oversight ranges from the basic operational assessment to a complete financial and operational turnaround.  Our success lies within our ability to identify key issues, problems and process breakdowns and quickly implement effective solutions.


AHMG prides itself in the ability to create, develop and implement successful Family Enterprises through partnerships, joint ventures and other cost saving arrangements.  AHMG is a leading provider of specialized Family Business consulting that focuses on change management and rapid turnaround services.


At AHMG we keep our focus directly on the needs of our clients.  We purposely limit our consulting engagements to ensure that our customers receive the detailed attention required to make them successful.

AHMG provides the following services

Full Service Management

Interim Management

Targeted Consulting Services

Other Consulting Services

*Family Owned and Operated Businesses and Enterprises

*Related Entities

*Interim Leadership

*Interim CEO, CFO or COO

*Governance Development

*Ownership Training

*Succession & Continuity Training

*Wealth Program

*Cost Reduction Services

*Family Retreats

*Ownership Training

*Staff and Leadership Training


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