AHMG Roll Out New Mental Health Program -Forensic Unit Program

The DD Forensic Unit offers specialized treatment services to individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities who have been ordered by the Court to receive treatment in a secure setting after being found “ Unfit to Stand Trial “ (UST) or “ Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity “ (NGRI).

The population served is comprised of adult males who have been charged with the full spectrum of criminal charges from misdemeanors to serious felonies including violent crimes and sexual offenses. In addition to developmental disabilities (DD) and intellectual disabilities (ID) clinical presentations also include individuals with dual diagnoses, substance abuse, autism spectrum disorders and traumatic brain injury.

Although the primary focus of the program is to assist individuals through the legal process, a comprehensive array of treatment/habilitation programs are offered which are tailored to the needs of each individual with regard to their legal and clinical circumstances. These include:

-       Legal Fitness Restoration Programs

-       Legal Fitness/Competency Testing and Evaluation

-       Court Reporting and Expert Testimony Services

-       Individualized Behavior Management Programs

-       Psychiatric Evaluation and Medication Review

-       Special Education Programs

-       Vocational Training

-       Activities of Daily Living Training

-       Recreational Programs

-       Activity Therapy

-       Medication Education

-       Community Integration Programs

-       Sex Education Programs

-       Individual and Group Therapy

-       Religious Services

-       Social Work and Case Management Services

-       Medical, Dental, Nursing and Dietary Services

-       Family Counseling 

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